Coca-Cola Europacific Partners committed to Net Zero by 2040
Coca-Cola Europacific Partners committed to Net Zero by 2040


Science tells us that it is possible to limit global temperature increase to 1.5°C if we take action now. At Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP), we have accelerated our ambition to decarbonise our business by setting a science-based target to further reduce our GHG emissions by 30% by 2030 (vs 2019) and reach Net Zero in Western Europe by 2040. We will focus first on reducing our emissions across our entire value chain; from the ingredients we source and the packaging we use, to the drinks we sell, as far as possible.

We’re aiming for eight of our manufacturing sites to be carbon neutral by end 2023. And we’re reducing our transport and distribution emissions including by shifting from road to rail network where we can, and have joined the EV100 initiative to accelerate our transition to electric vehicles.

Over 90% of our emissions are related to the activities of our suppliers so we are asking them to also set their own science-based targets, shift to 100% renewable electricity by 2023 and to share their carbon footprint data with us so that we can accurately track our reduction progress.

When we can’t reduce any further, we’ll invest in mechanisms which remove carbon from the atmosphere or certified carbon offset projects to help us reach Net Zero.

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Making our packaging more sustainable

We’re acting with urgency to reduce the impact our packaging has on the planet. Packaging represents approximately 40% of our total value chain carbon footprint so reducing the footprint of our packaging is a critical part of our journey to Net Zero.

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Reducing packaging

We’re reducing our use of packaging where we can. For example, we’re making our packaging as light weight as possible, and replacing hard to recycle plastic shrink wrap and can rings with sustainably sourced card and paperboard alternatives.

We’re also innovating in refillable and dispensed drinks delivery solutions. In France, we partner with Carrefour and Loop™ to provide a zero waste shopping solution. Shoppers can buy our drinks in refillable glass bottles, and once empty, return them at drop-off points in store to be refunded their deposit. We clean and refill the bottles to be used again and again. This collaboration allows us to gain a better insight into the role refillable bottles can play in reducing packaging waste.

Driving circularity

We’re also ensuring that all the packaging we do use is collected so that it does not end up as litter or in the oceans, and can be recycled and reused as part of a circular economy. We’ll do this by increasing collection of packaging once our drinks have been consumed, and supporting the development of recycling capacity to ensure they are recycled. And we’re working towards removing virgin fossil-based PET in our bottles, replacing it with recycled plastic, alongside plastic from renewable sources, to make new bottles. We aim to reach 50% rPET by 2023, and are working towards 100% recycled or renewable plastic by 2030. We have made strong progress: in 2020, 41% of the PET we used in Western Europe was rPET.

Take Action

If you would like to learn more about the project and join us on this journey to reduce emissions, please provide your contact details and we will be happy to get in touch.